Saturday, May 23, 2009

Weird Weapons used in Modern Crimes

This is a little photo gallery from Crime Library. No worries, it's not horribly violent.It just talks about crimes where odd weapons were used, like a guy robbing a convenience store with a palm frond. Really. Awsome!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Special Olympic Track

So on Saturday Luke won a bronze! I'm not sure if that gets him into state, though they'll tell us. But I made Awsome Team Luke shirts, and there was a guy in a gorilla suit who is apparently the mascot.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Bette Davis

"I don't take the movies seriously, and anyone who does is in for a headache. "

Ah, sound. It's so, noisy. Heh heh. This post will be about movies from the 30's. The first big sound movie was The Jazz Singer in 1927, more about that in a musical post I'll make later. Not all films after The Jazz Singer were in sound. Many director's and producers thought it would be a silly fad. They were obviously a tad shortsighted. More about early sound films here:

The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934) This is not the movie with James Stewart. This is the first version, still directed by Alfred Hitchcock, and with Peter Lorre who is pretty much awsome to peices all on his own. I would suggest both versions as they are both very good, but a bit different so you won't have to worry about deja-vu.The 39 Steps (1935) Another Hitchcock. I love him. In fact I will probably do a post on just his movies. *Squees like a fangirl*. Anyway. This is one of his earliest, made in England since that's where he's from and all. It's follows a man wrongly accused, a popular theme with Hitchcock, he has to run across Scotland trying to get secret information to the right people, is at some point handcuffed to a woman, and well, just see.
Topper (1937) A comedy with Cary Grant. I like this one, it's cute and there's dead people!
Bringing Up Baby (1938) Another comedy, starring Cary Grant and Kathrine Hepburn, they are definitly awsome. It also get the first gay joke. It's hilarious. And there is a leopard or two!
The Lady Vanishes (1938) Another early Hitchcock. It seems like at the beginning it might be silent, but it's not! And awsome. As the title indicates, a lady vanishes on a train. And seemingly the woman who noticed, is the only one who has seen her. Hmmmm, Conspiracies galore!
Those are the ones I remember so far!Also Luke has Regional Track tomorrow to see if he gets to go to state on the 28th, they just told us Monday, so I really didn't have time to get things done and told. Darn it. But there will be pictures!